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Do It Yourself Pest Control 

You are tired of all the pests so you have decided to take matters into your own hands. You head to your local hardware store and purchase everything you see from Chemicals to baits, Traps to Powders. You bought everything you thought you needed and the bill is around $65.00. Did you remember a respirator, Heavy duty gloves, Safety goggles, and an over suit. OOOPPS!! Another 90-100 Dollars and you still don't have a $75.00 B&G Hand tank (hand held sprayer. So now you have everything you can imagine you are going to need. Well you arrive home ready to destroy some Pests, you are on a mission, you begin reading the directions on the concentrated Pesticide and stop half way through because it's so long, but at least you got to read the proper water to Pesticide ratio, but you think to yourself I really want to get rid of these Pests, so you dump about half the container into the tank and your ready to go commit Pest homicide. Now did you use chemicals that were meant strictly for the outside of your home or did you...? Well whatever it's going to kill the bugs right? So you go throughout the house and spray these toxic chemicals where ever you don't want to see pests and a generous quantity to the areas that you saw a few pests. When you are finished you take the traps and baits and strategically toss them where ever, hopefully far out of reach of the children and pets.

True story - I lost a puppy when I was a kid, she was a husky named Candy, we had her for 2 days when she found some Rat Poison disguised by the manufacturer as food. It was very upsetting to me.

Back to bug warfare. You take the dozen or so Bug Bombs you purchased and place them in every room of the house one by one you set them off and are very impressed with their ability to spew forth a nice thick aerosol of Pesticide. You think to yourself this is going to kill something. Well while these bombs are going off, you head out side and mix another strong concentration of Pesticides into your sprayer and connect it to your garden hose. You give everything a nice generous coat and leave lots of puddles of Pesticides, for those dirty little bugs to drink, if they aren't already swimming in it. Once you are finished, you take all the left over supplies and place them on the floor of your garage. Then you go inside to see how the bug bombs are doing and the air has pretty much cleared up, so you tell everyone it's OK to return. Well everything is now successfully galvanized against any possible pests and you and your family goes about your business as usual, but you and your family are constantly being exposed to Pesticides and the Neurological agents, but hey there aren't any Pests here. A few days later some of the odor has disappeared, but a bug comes out of hiding and you run for your can of aerosol Pesticide and drown that littler sucker. Whew good thing you got him. Unfortunately you didn't get the rest of his clan, because they are safely enjoying the comfort of their nests within your walls and they probably won't even know the one you just killed is missing, because there are more pests than you can count for that is where they are safe and have been breeding for years. You also managed to spray another toxic cloud into the air right under your nose. Hmmm, this would make a great air freshener, but you refrain. A few days later your kids see some bugs and they go retrieve the can of pesticide and spray the bugs with enough Poison to kill a thousand bugs they had so much fun doing it, they are now on a rampage, running through the house, spraying anything that moves and then some.

Now I know that some of you do it yourselfers, read the warning labels and follow the directions with precision and you are very careful about spraying pesticides where they are absolutely needed, but no matter how hard we try, we can only reduce our exposure to the Toxins by so much.

If you are a do it yourselfer and are using chemicals, here are a few important things to do. Start by getting a tool box with a lock and key on it and designate it for storing the chemicals in a cool dry place. Also set aside a place to store your safety gear and make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned after each use. When using the Pesticides make sure all your safety equipment fits properly. Follow the instructions on the back of the container exactly these chemicals are very toxic and it really doesn't take a lot to kill the Pests. You can Kill pests with any house hold cleaner. When spraying spray only into cracks and crevices and don't use bug bombs to kill crawling creatures. Use baits for only bugs and place them behind refrigerators and far out of the reach of Children and Pets. If you do use rodent baits, you will probably have the animal dead and rotting in its nest within your walls or under an appliance, so you will have to periodically search for them, otherwise deal with the rotting smell. Baits for bugs are good, but not all work that well, so you will need to try a few, also use different baits each time because some pests will build up a tolerance and you will just be feeding your little pests.

We are so grateful to be able to offer such a safe and effective alternative to Chemical Pest Control. This has been our goal from the beginning, which is find the safest and most effective Pest controls available and I can say that we have accomplished that. Our number one motivation has been to make your life better easier and most of all safer and Pest Free.

Our Electronic Pest Control units don't use Gases, Toxic Chemicals, Traps or poisons. Rather they simply and safely take advantage of three extraordinary Electronic Pest Control technologies first our Electronic Pest Control units change the frequency, within the wiring, that runs throughout the walls of your home or office, to a frequency that irritates pests, yet is safe for you and your family. This is achieved with our powerful Electromagnetic Pest Control technology. In conjunction with our Electromagnetic Pest Control we use our High Pressure, Variable Ultrasonic Pest Control Technology, in combination with our new Ionic Pest Control (which no other product or company has yet to copy) to drive the pests safely from your home or office. We offer the safest and the most effective Electronic Pest Control ever. You can rest assure that the program we will develop for your specific Pest Control needs will be the best available and you can have the peace of mind knowing your family is safe and not being exposed to hazardous Pest Control chemicals.

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