Electronic Pest Control Pest Repeller Program uses the Pest Repeller Ultimate the number one Ranked Electronic Pest Control Product.

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Imagine you have just signed a 1 year contract, with a Pest Control Company, for them to perform a Pest Control Service. You are ready for your home pest control to begin now. A few days later you have taken time off work to wait for the Exterminator to show up at your home. The Exterminator finally arrives and this stranger tells you that you need to leave your home for the afternoon, while he sprays the inside and outside of your home with Pest Control Chemical poisons and Neuro-Toxins, in order to kill any unwanted living creatures.

You grab your pets and kids and head out of your home, leaving this stranger to search through your home for Pests and if he's dishonest whatever else he may be looking for. The stranger walks into your kitchen sets his tools down on the counter, he then puts his safety goggles, heavy duty rubber gloves an over suit on to protect chemical exposure to his clothing that may later touch his skin and absorb into his blood stream making him very sick. He then puts on his respirator and begins pouring a mixture of H20 and a Toxic chemical into a device called a Fogger. When he's done he pulls the rip cord on his leaf blower-looking Fogger and immediately the Fogger begins belching out a large, continuous cloud of toxic chemicals into the air, within your home. He then waves the hand held Fogger back and forth, up and down making sure there is a good thick white fog of chemical. He continues on into the living room blowing the Toxins into every square foot of space then moves on down the hall way into your baby's room doing the same thing all the way to your master bedroom until he has successfully filled every bit of air space within your home. The inside of your house looks very much like being caught in a storm of Fog.

Once he has finished with Fogging, he picks up his hand-held tank sprayer called a B&G Sprayer and sprays the carpets floors, nooks and crannies in the cupboards, closets bathroom bedrooms etc. He then pulls out a drill and puts a few holes in your walls where he sprays chemicals, ineffectively, right into your insulation, in an attempt to kill a few of the 90% of the pests which are nesting within your walls. When he is finished he puts down some poisonous powder in the bugs most high traffic areas. Then he moves on and begins putting baits behind refrigerators, couches, in cabinets and other areas. The baits consist of foods that have been soaked in poisons designed to kill small animals such as Rodents or insects like Roaches and Ants. He lays out a few sticky traps which are used to entangle the feet hair nose, face and other parts a rodent and is used sometimes for Roaches. When he is finished with his Chemical warfare inside your home he looks for a phone book in some drawers, makes a phone call to his Pest Control Head quarters and gets his next appointment information. Before he leaves he uses your bathroom then grabs his tools and heads out the front door to his truck. He starts a pump with a large hose, drags it up your lawn over your flower bed and begins to pump a nice even coat of toxic chemicals, all over the outside of your home. When your home is good and dripping he soaks your lawn with the same Toxins. The stranger rolls up the hose, carefully removes his safety equipment, jumps in his truck and takes off leaving you a bill for anywhere between 30 to 300+ dollars and a home that nothing could live in, on, or around.

Let's go back in your home for a moment and see what is happening as the fog begins to subside, the majority of the chemicals that were airborne, begin to settle on furniture, beds, counters and anything collectibles, toys, books and whatever wasn't tucked safely out of the reach of the Exterminators chemicals. Much of the dust in the air now has a coating of Pesticides floating through the air with it.

Well it's been a few hours now and it's time for you to get back to your home and your life. You pick up your pets from the neighbors pick up your kids from school and daycare and head home one day's pay short and dollars shorter for the cost of the Exterminator. You open the front door your kids pile in and you squeeze in with them and smell a faint Chemical Residue still lingering in the air. Now you're wondering if maybe you should have stayed out of the home longer or well the extermination order said it was time enough waiting, so you file that thought in the back of your head.

Not knowing all of what went on while you were gone, you go on as usual and so do your kids and spouse. That's right sitting on the freshly coated couch and furniture, touching the tainted faucets, handles, and door knobs getting more Pest Control than you wanted. You wash your hands dry them off re-exposing yourself to the chemical that rested on everything including the towel. You start preparing food. It's unfortunate that with this type of Pest Control you can't help but have you and your family exposed to the chemicals.

I could go on, but I just want people to understand what goes on during a typical visit from the General Pest Control Companies. Also to get people to consider the consequences of having such a service preformed that can expose themselves and their families to Toxic chemical and Poisonous Pesticides.

The Chemicals used in General Pest Control are designed to kill living organisms. Just recently Diaz anon which was used for years has been banned for the simple fact that it was shown to cause neurological damage in people and especially children. The Chemical manufactures make billions of dollars off their chemicals and will bring out the Lawyers to fight to keep their Toxins available to Pest Control Companies and Consumers. Just because they are available doesn't mean they are safe. If you want to you can buy a pack of cigarettes it's pretty easy but it doesn't mean that they are safe to inhale or be around. Asbestos was once legal, and DDT a very harmful Pesticide that has a long residual life was the staple for farmers, they sprayed practically everything we ate and it too has been restricted.

Our Electronic Pest Control Pest Repeller Program is designed with you and your family's safety as our number one concern. Secondly is Effectiveness, we designed the program and Products to target the areas where the pests live and breed and that is within the walls of your home. Our Electromagnetic technology uses the wiring within your home to create a force field that drives the pests from the walls of your home and if the pests even think of escaping out into the rooms of your house they are bombarded with a Powerful Variable Ultra-sonic sound that people cannot hear. If we could hear the Ultra-sonic Pest repellent it would be compared to sticking your ear right next to a police siren, suffice to say it is not comfortable for the Pests and will send them running far away from your Home, Pets, and Family. Best of all you don't have to sacrifice and expose you or your family to toxic pesticide residues. Third we wanted to provide the Pest Repeller Program in a very reasonable and inexpensive way, delivering you an unsurpassed 5 star quality product. Not only is the Pest Repeller Program inexpensive but it will save you hundreds of dollars a year that you would spend on a Chemical Pest Control service and even doing it yourself. Chemical Pest Control Companies buy their chemicals cheap and they don't have to use very much because they are in a highly concentrated form and deadly in minute quantities, but mixed with a lot of water, it costs the Pest Control Company approximately .30 cents to $2.00 for the amount of Chemicals they spray at an average home. Then they bill you on a monthly, or every other month $35-$70 (roughly) for Pennies worth of Chemicals. That adds up to anywhere between 300 to $400 dollars a year. Over time that means Thousands of dollars. Our Pest Repeller Program is a small onetime fee that will cover your Pest Control needs Safely, Effectively and inexpensively for years to come. Think of what you will be able to do with all the money you save and how great having the peace of mind that you and your family are safe and Pest Free.

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